Puneet Madan

Puneet Madan is one of the finest trader and trainer in today’s financial market. He has a decade of experience of trading in every kind of market and across all asset class. He has done a path-breaking research in the field of technical analysis. He is also SEBI registered Investment Advisor bearing Registration No. INA100008461. 

Together with his team, he handles HNI portfolios and provides consultancy services to one of the largest private trading entity in the country for the development of the algorithm based trading system. He gives training at most of the institutes in DELHI and national capital region. It was his vision to come out with a specialized trader training program which he felt was an urgent requirement for the trading community.

Sudhir Kumar

MR SUDHIR KUMAR having National Institute of Securities Market Series viii Degree in EQUITY DERIVATIVES and 12 years rich experience in stock market trading,commodity trading and Currency trading is our chief Technical analyst and Trading Floor Head at Gurugram (delhi-ncr) branch.



Arvind Yadav

He is a computer engineer and MBA graduate from IIM Ahmedabad. Being a computer engineer, developing algorithm comes naturally to him. His passion for creating something of value turned him into an entrepreneur.

His experience at various start-ups has given him the ability to analyze companies and market in a completely different manner. Known for his cool and down to earth attitude, he is able to keep calm and take decisions under very stressful conditions. He is a huge tennis fan and has played the sport at various levels. Being a sportsperson since childhood, he has learned to do everything with passion and keep going in the times of success and failure.

Himanshu Ahlawat

He is a commercial pilot by qualification. Being a pro at flying he’s very much aware of the significance of a game/trade plan.

The logical acumen acquired during his stint in aviation industry helps him minimizing human error as it is a killer in both flying and trading. Great analytical skills and composed persona have helped him learn the tricks of the trade in a comprehensive manner. His strength is his ability to adapt to the unpredictability of the game and figure out a solution without panicking. A perfect balance of intelligence and patience makes him incredibly good at his job. Having developed a predilection for the market, he tends to apply rules of the game to everyday life and vice versa.
He is someone who derives great joy in sharing his knowledge and would enthusiastically share whatever new things he discovered.

Vikas Sangwan

He is an MBA graduate and passionate about his work. During his internship at a stock market company, he converted his passion into a dream. He started his trading career after completing his MBA.

After completion of his studies, he devoted himself fully to financial market. He did a deep research of financial markets under the guidance of MR. Punit Madan. He is always a sports person that helps him to understand trading business. It also provides him an edge to consider risk and reward associated with each trade. He has a composed head combined with great trading skills which he has developed over a period of time. He believes that money is a price which only can be earned by discipline approach in trading. By the way, he is a die-hard fan of FC Barcelona.

Jitender Kaushik

legal consultant and PR Manager

Neha Sharma

Technical Advaiser

Whether you’re a Broker UN agency has to offer Stock Tips to your shoppers or associate capitalist needing to validate a Stock Tip given by your Broker, the Technical skilled Stock authority is nice for novice investors also as a time-saver for skilled Investors. read Technical recommendation supported common Technical Indicators like EMA, RSI, MACD and Stochastics. the basic authority offers a optimistic or pessimistic Opinion supported key elementary Parameters like PEG, P/E, P/S, EPS Growth and Sales Growth.