Forex market may be a twenty four hour ne’er sleeping market round the globe. you’ve got 2 choices for mercantilism in Forex Market you’ll interchange currency derivatives (Future & Options) on associate degree exchange or Trade with a Forex Dealer in International Market.

Currency costs that appearance calmer on the surface is truly extremely volatile throughout commerce hours. Because, currency quotes area unit given in four decimal points and you get a hundred times leverage on your investment.

Who can join

  1. Graduate
  2. Post Graduate
  3. Management students
  4. House Wife
  5. Retired People
  6. Stock Broker
  7. Mutual funds Houses
  8. NBFC Companies
  9. Investor
  10. Trader
  11. Teacher

Fee Structure

  • Complete Course
  • ₹ 30,000 + GST

Time Duration

  • 60-90 Days
  • 2-3 Months