Frequently Asked Questions

Is trading a form of gambling?

Yes, trading is gambling if you don’t know what you are doing in which case, you would be far better off buying lottery tickets. Traders are after price fluctuations, and investors seek return on investment. Both require that you accept a certain amount of risk, which is minimized through the acquisition of knowledge. Trading is no place for hot tips, and your emotions are best kept in your hip pocket. When you trade, not knowing what you are doing, or off a tip, you are gambling for sure.

How can a person become successful Trader?

If you are really interested in trading business, we can give full commitment and dedication towards learning first, and you’ll be able to accept that it’s a long path ahead of you, and then sure you can become a successful trader.

Why 90% people make loss in the market?

Most of the people come in market to make quick money. They don t have knowledge of how market works, risk management and money management. They also don’t have any trading strategy; most of them follow Market GURU’s without knowing anything. So they don’t trade, they actually gamble in market.

Can I become a millionaire if I invest in this business?

Yep. You can also lose your house if you’re not careful.
Becoming a millionaire from the stock market requires a dedication that most are not willing to commit to. If you have not formulated, tested, written down and can explain to a child your investing strategy, you are gambling.

Why do professional traders earn so much money?

Professional Traders make up the 10% earning money. This group of winners actually rakes in the 90% that is lost by the speculators ñ or the dumb money, as the pros used to call it. If the 90% are paying the 10%, you can easily see why the 10% are paid so well. After all, they know the rules and play by them.

What is technical analysis?

Technical analysts use charts to help them assess what’s likely to happen next – to examine past price movements to forecast future price movements.

What is Bear and Bull market?

Bear Market is a term which refers to the declining market where stocks are falling.
Bull Market refers to a rising market where stocks are slowly going up. Retail investors make little money in the bull market and book big losses in the bear market.
Market takes stairs to go up and takes elevator to come.

Which one is better, fundamental or technical analysis?

It’s a very frequently asked question that which one is better fundamental analysis or technical analysis. Ruling out one study for sale of other is not the right way to go. We believe fundamental news does have an impact on prices but we also believe that prices also have impact on fundamental. So we use to combine both of these approaches together.

Why should I join MARKET KHILADI?

Because you are not learning from teachers but professionals traders who actually make their living out of this market. You will not get bookish knowledge which is server by everyone but live experiences of market which we guys have over our trading career. Your trading journey will be much simpler and shorter with us.