Advance courses

Technical Analysis

  • Advance technical analysis
  • Multi-time frame analysis
  • Which technicals works and which not work
  • What is trend and how it develops and when it changes
  • Risk management
  • Money management
  • How to evaluate a trade
  • Trading strategy


  • News and its affect
  • Economy and how it works
  • How a country works and how govt. play its role
  • Government and central banks role and objectives
  • Banking system and Government
  • Monetary and Fiscal policy
  • GDP
  • Interest rates
  • Currency and purchasing power and its relation with interest rate
  • How country deal with inflation (want to up or down and how)
  • Retail sales and core retails
  • Purchasing manager Index (PMI) for service and manufacturing industry
  • Employment data and Wages
  • IIP
  • BOP, Current Account, Trade Balance

Political & Economical

  • Country’s Economy relationships
  • Who produce what
  • Major trade partners and how they¬†influence each other
  • Current economic issues and how we can use it
  • How to draw conclusion out of it and how to use them in trading decision
  • How politics affect market and current political situation


  • Market Psychology
  • Individual Psychology
  • Factor which can affect trading
  • How to overcome these factors