All About Market Khiladi

Market Khiladi is a team of Professional traders which is led by Mr. Punit Madan who has a decade of experience in trading and We manage funds for HNI investors. We advise brokers, sub-brokers as well. We trade across all the asset classes.

We know trading is a zero-sum game, our win is somebody’s loss and that’s why we consider that we owe a lot to our trading community. So that’s why we have decided to launch a unique and very effective trading program to serve our community. Mr. Punit Madan has been conducting various traders training program from last five years in most of the trading institutes across Delhi NCR.

Our trading program is consists of very important parts which is hardly provided in any other trading program. We will be covering very essential, vital and untouched parts of trading. After successfully completing our trading program, we recruit and fund the successful traders.

What makes us different? Why Us!

We are a team of professional traders who are in market 24*5. We are not just like any technical analyst or fundamental analyst who lack practical experience of the market.

We are a very committed team of professionals. We will teach you how to trade. we are not afraid to talk about our losses. We will teach you how to rebound from losses and what really works in the market or what doesn’t. We won’t give you some bookish knowledge but we will give you deep inside knowledge of every aspect of the market like technical, fundamental, psychological, political and economical. We will teach you how to make real, consistent and big money from trading.