• Professional traders and trainers
  • Fund managers
  • Deals in Indian markets, forex, international equity & commodity markets
  • More than 10 years experience in market
  • Active bloggers in financial market
  • Aspired to start hedge fund by 2020




  • Practical experience of market and live market training.
  • 1 to 1 session
  • Online/classroom training
  • Expertise in equity, commodity, forex and F $ O
  • 24X5 availability
  • Flexible class timing
  • No limit bound courses, will teach until you become a successful trader






  • Technical analysis
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Economic analysis
  • Money management and risk management
  • Psychology





  • Forex
  • Equity
  • Commodity
  • Future and Option
  • Indian as well as International





  • Learn from professional traders who make living out of market
  • Practical experience, no bookish knowledge
  • Live market training
  • Flexible timing
  • Full responsibility to mentor you career
  • International market practice




How to trade overbought EUR/USD, as market focus on ECB

  EUR/USD is on a dream run since January 2017 and now it is threatening to break its 2 year’s price range which is at 1.1712 level. The main reasons for this substantial rally are The political situation becomes much more stable in Euro zone since French elections. Growth has also accelerated for last 3 […]

New Zealand’s Quarterly CPI and NZD/USD Analysis

As uncertainty in global markets is gradually rising due to European elections as well as Geopolitical situations. In these times we will have the 1st look on New Zealand’s quarterly inflation data (CPI Q/Q) which are due at 22.45 GMT on Wednesday. As most of the analysts are expecting a 0.8% rise in Q/Q figure, […]



What our students have to say about us.

  • I was involved in trading for past 5 years and was continuously suffering from losses,
    then I came across to these guys and got to know, what actually works in the stock market.
    They have a very simple approach and excellent logics which work in every kind of market.
    These guys are best technical and fundamental analysts as well as the economists,
    currently present in India. From learning from them I was able to double my capital
    in just 3 months. I never knew trading could be so easy.

    Shri Bhagwan
  • Being a professional psychologist, I was always fascinated with stock market which
    is composed of crowd behavior, basically. So I thought of learning, and after a wide
    research, I joined Market Khiladi. I got to know everything I could wish for and now
    I am having a grand home-run in trading. And now I am thinking to quit of my career
    as a psychologist and become a professional trader.

  • Being a private company employee, I was looking for a new lucrative career option.
    And what is better than the stock market. So I joined Market Khiladi. I have never
    worked in the stock market before so that I had so many doubts. I kept asking the
    questions and they kept replying. Their commitment towards me was immense and I never
    expected that from anyone in training business and because of that I learn everything
    about trading in mere 3 months and now I am working as a professional trader for a
    reputed investment house.

    Brijendra Mishra
  • Having a family business, I always wanted to start something of my own. I had
    no previous knowledge of stock market and also did not have any finance background.
    But after learning from Market Khiladi, I came to realize that you don’t need any
    previous knowledge. Here I got 1 to 1 sessions and flexible class timings which
    were very useful for me. Now I am successfully trading in the market and also managing
    the fund for my investors. Now I have my own name.

  • Being a 9 am-5 pm employee, I always wanted a secondary income source. I wanted
    to invest and earn in the stock market. So I decided to learn first and then trade.
    At Market Khiladi, they taught me a simple approach and helped me developing an
    analytical mind which works in every kind of asset class and every situation. Now
    I am generating more than 10% return on my capital on monthly basis and I am fully
    excited by future.

    Amit Kumar